Hon 조루개선 or society me 조루개선 mbership means more th 조루개선 an paying dues. Student leadership ma 조루개선 kes Alpha Chi unique. M 조루개선 embers can be involv 조루개선 ed at every level from cha 조루개선 pter officer to voting delegate to National Council re 조루개선 presentative. Learn more »
Join 조루개선 us in Portland, April 5-7, for Alpha Chi's 2018 national convention! Delegates will gather at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower for an exc 조루개선 iting program of student research and memorable speakers. Read more »
Student creativity and leadership energizes our chapters. The delegation from Abilene Christian University won the President's 조루개선 Cup as 2017's outstanding chapter in the nation. Activities »
Faculty sponsors are the backbone of Alpha Chi. Not only do they invite and induct their college's eligible students, but they als 조루개선 o devote personal time encouraging members to reach their academic potential. Find out w 조루개선 ho leads your chapter »
Alpha Chi members from almost every chapter receive special recognition at gradu 조루개선 ation. Their friends and loved ones watch them walk across the stage with pride—knowing that they will truly make their scholarship ef 조루개선 fective for good. Recognition »
Our members participate in local and national service projects, volunteering in crisis mana 조루개선 gement, donating food and books, and tutoring those needing a little extra help. Whether it's one meal or one book at a time, Alpha Chi members be 조루개선 lieve in scholarship and in service. Servi 조루개선 ce »

Alpha Chi - At a Glance

  • Alpha Chi is a national college honor society that a 조루개선 dmits students from all academic disciplines.
  • Membership is limited to the to 조루개선 p 10 percent of an institution's juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
  • Invitation to membership comes only through an institutional chapter. A college seeking a chapter must grant baccala 조루개선 ureate degrees and be regionally accredited.
  • Some 300 chapters, located in 조루개선 almost every state, induct approximately 11,000 members annually.

Alpha Chi is distin 조루개선 ctive in that it involves members in all aspects of its ope 조루개선 ration: chapter officer leadership, student representation on the National Council, local chapter ev 조루개선 ent planning, and presenting scholarly programs 조루개선 at national conventions. Alpha Chi members have been "making scholarship effective for 조루개선 good" since 1922.










Alpha Chi from Alpha Chi National College Honor on Vimeo.

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